The services we offer are tailored to each client, as each person has their own objectives to immigrate temporarily or permanently to Canada, or sponsor a family member. For each case we will bring expertise and knowledge of immigration rules and requirements, as well as the experience obtained while living in Canada.

For potential candidates that are not clear of what program they can apply but they know they want to immigrate to Canada, our service encompasses a comprehensive evaluation of their background and skills in order to understand if they qualify in one of the immigration programs.

For clients that would like to sponsor a family member or come to Canada as a student or a temporary worker, we will provide all the information and guide them through the process.  

The service for all cases include:

  • Client qualification assessment: Provide a strategy to maximize your acceptance including advice on the most appropriate immigration stream and important details around current government programs and updates on changes and requirements

  • Case representation: Represent you from start to finish, including all correspondence with Immigration, Refugee, Citizenship Canada (IRCC)

  • Application development: Professional completion of application forms to avoid unnecessary delays/costs and ensure the application captures the information Immigration Canada is looking for

  • Application submission: Officially submit application meeting all deadlines and  requirements

  • Frequent communication: Guide you through the application process and keep you updated on progress and timelines

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