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Our mission

is to make the dream of living in Canada a reality.

Moving to a different country is a big step, especially when you are leaving your comfort zone, your family, your friends; basically your entire life. In addition to this anxiety, you’ll be faced with the world of immigration. This world can look complex and difficult, with an overwhelming number of processes, forms, documentation and information.  

Our goal

is to provide clients with expert immigration advice and representation. Leave all the immigration processes to us and concentrate in getting ready for a fresh start.

Road Map to Canada Immigration Consulting is registered under The College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants – CICC. Only consultants registered under this college are authorized by the Canadian Government to represent immigration cases. Feel free to confirm that Rosa Diaz is a registered consultants by visiting the following link: This guarantees that your process will be carried out in a legal and serious manner.

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